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What sort of SEIS/EIS information will we require when preparing your advance assurance?

There is a multitude of documents and answers we'll have to pull together to ensure you send in a comprehensive advance assurance application. As best practice, send us:

1 - Investor/ pitch deck

2 - Describe how your business earns it's revenues/provides it's services in your own words

3 - Company UTR number (10 digits)

4 - Send through Articles of Association that have been amended, if any

And, answer:

5 - How much money in total you are looking to raise?

6 - What you are going to use the investment for?

7 - How many full-time employees currently? 

8 - How many shareholders currently?  

If you are raising above £150k HMRC will likely ask you for a cash flow forecast and how you intend on spending the investment within 2 years, if you have one to hand please send it over, and if not, we have a template to fill in once the engagement starts. 

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