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How do we determine whether my project is eligible for an R&D claim?

We need to ensure we answer the following questions.

  • What was the outline of the project(s)?
  • Details of the scientific or technological advance(s) sought?
  • Why would a competent professional in the field consider this to be an advance - how does it exceed current knowledge?
  • Details of the research carried out?
  • Were the advances achieved? 
  • What scientific or technological uncertainties was resolved/attempted to be resolved by the project?
  • What were the activities carried our in order to overcome the uncertainties? 

The "project" here is either the whole development if you think the whole thing qualifies for R&D; or if there are little parts of the whole project that required technological advance and other parts that did not, then "project" for the purposes of the above table is each little part of the wider project that required technological advances to be made.

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