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What will and won't qualify for R&D tax relief?

Here's a very quick set of guidelines for tech-based businesses

  • Rule of thumb: If a competent engineer would look into an issue and would not know exactly how to solve the problem and would need look into, it's likely to qualify


  • UI developments (unlikely to be a game changer)
  • Frontend code, visual presentation of data
  • Technology built to replace manual processes
  • Technology built to make the experience more sleek or to remove frictions
  • Routine data operations including data rendering, manipulation or presentation
  • Solving business problems by implementing existing technology


  • Creation of a new data search system
  • New and more efficient algorithms to analyse the data input
  • New security and data privacy protection techniques
  • Building API to get 2 systems talk to each other that was not done before (e.g. paypal & xero automated reconciliation)
  • Resolving conflicts between hardware and software
  • Solving a problem with a previously untried technique
  • Building new technology to improve business efficiency (e.g. using user data to create demand-based algorithms to predict likelihood of a product to sell well based on user feedback)

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